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The New York Legion is an adult tackle football club.  The club was started in September 2012.  The New York Legion Football Club is a member of the Five Star Football League.


Our goals are basic:


1) Create an atmosphere allowing people from all walks of life to come together, play a great game, and make friendships that may not be possible otherwise.  Good programs are remembered for this before sports championships.  Memories are forever.


2) Be respectful and honorable and disciplined and always keep your dignity.  We know no one is a saint, but we can try.  We absolutely will not tolerate any of the problems still persistent with “semi pro” adult amateur football such as fighting, any violence or threats of violence, theft, verbal abuse, intolerance, and non commitment.  Basically, pretend your grandmother is in the stands and you should be ok.


3) Win.  We don’t believe in breaking rules and making compromises to win.  We absolutely want to win but we must win with Respect, Honor, Discipline and Dignity.


Why the Legion? Whats in a name?


Naming an organization is, believe it or not, a tough thing to do.  The things we wish to emulate ring true with the Roman Legions of antiquity.


The Roman Legion was known for their discipline, organization, logistics, fierce protection of their standard and success.   It was an honor to service the Legion.  They were the gold standard of the world.  These are the attributes we wish to emulate.  Their colors were red, gold and white and the New York Legion will follow suit.

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