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2018 TEAM

The New York Legion Football Club is proud to announce the 2018 Team awards. While we appreciate the efforts of all of the NY Legion players and staff the following players deserve special recognition:

Team Most Valuable Player : Justin Lee, QB
Team Offense Most Valuable Player: Ray Stewart, WR/RB
Team Defense Most Valuable Player: Thomas Roth, LB
Offensive Rookie of the Year: Jeremy Guerrero, WR
Defensive Rookie of the Year: Alejandro Rodriguez, LB/DL

And a special thanks to Mr. Clayton Epps, Assistant Coach of the NY Legion, whose contribution to the team is immeasurable.

2017 TEAM

Mike Gray - Team Most Valuable Player

Marcus McCrae - Defense, Most Valuable Player

Vaughn Gooding - Offense, Most Valuable Player

Mike Duffy - Offensive Rookie of the Year

Steve Schiachitano - Defensive Rookie of the Year

2016 TEAM

Captains: Tarcisio DaSilva, Kindu Green, Tommy Roth, 

             Jonathan Lopez, Babatunde Cole, Greg Horowitz 


2015 TEAM

3rd Year All Star: Tommy Roth

1st Year All Stars: Maurice Teele, Tarciso DaSilva,

                        Jeff Moore, David Ramierez, Babatunde Cole


2014 TEAM

Captains: Kindu Green, Ronald Coleman, CiCi Chilleli, Nicky Capone, Durralle Cromwell, Dante Mann

Team MVP: Ronald Coleman

Defensive MVP: Thomas Roth

Offensive MVP: David A. Thomas

2013 TEAM

Captains: Kindu Green, Greg Mimnaugh, Ronald Coleman, Mike Gray

Team MVP: Ronald Coleman

Defensive MVP: Thomas Roth

Offensive MVP: Durralle Cromwell


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