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Frequently Asked Questions



I am interested in playing, but have limited experience, Is there a place for me?


Yes, there is a place for everyone at the semi pro/adult football level.  Many players started as flag football players and learned how to play the tackle football game.  It is very different.  Most players have played tackle football at the high school or higher level.  While it will take time to develop, there are many players that have played at this level with no previous  experience.  Patience is a must though!  This is competitive!

Does anyone get paid to play or coach?


No.  While this may be the case in other parts of the country, no one to our knowledge is paid to play or coach at this level in the New York Tri State area.  It actually costs to play at this level and all teams have different fee requirements to join their team.  The New York Legion also require a team fee from its players.  Coaches and administrative support staff are not charged a fee as they donate significant amounts of their own time.  The fee is used to help pay for the league dues, referees, field permitting and rentals, as well as miscellaneous required field equipment such as  side line markers, line to gain markers, etc…  The team fee also allows players to show their commitment and loyalty to their selected program.


What is the time commitment?


The time commitment varies from team to team and from player to player.  All teams need different amounts of time to prepare at the desired level for their program.  Player commitment varies significantly as well.  Some players are very dedicated and train and work out consistently while others do the minimum allowed by their team.  Information meetings and chalk meetings typically begin in December and continue through March.  In some instances, work outs may begin sooner than April.  Committed players start learning the team terminology once they commit.  The sooner the commitment, the sooner the team football language and systems can be learned.  Once we start outdoor work in April, we expect to practice every Sunday afternoon and in some special cases one week night every other week for chalk talk.  Anticipate approximately a minimum of 12 weekends of Sunday practices (3 hours) and 2-3 scrimmages before the season starts.  Once the season starts, we are expecting to have short walk through practices(1 hour) at our home field before home games and short walk through practices the day before away games. 

Typically, it take approximately 4 weeks to install the base defensive package and 6 weeks to install the base offensive package.  Players usually are in football shape by the 6th week of practice.  Once the base schemes are installed, it takes approximately 4 additional weeks to install the sub packages for both offense and defense.  Special teams scheme installation begins at approximately the 6th Sunday practice.

During the season, there are typically 10 games not including playoffs.  These games can be held on Friday Night, Saturday, Saturday Night, or Sunday afternoon.  The game schedule is never ideal for everyone and there will be times when players, coaches, or assistants will not be able to make practice or a game, and at this level it is understood, but if you cannot guarantee  a majority of these practices and games, chances are high that you won’t be very successful as a player or a responsible teammate.


Who provides the football equipment?


Each player is responsible for their own equipment.  The team provides uniforms but all protective equipment are provided by the individual player.  This is typical at this level.


What if I get hurt?  Who is responsible?


This is a recreational sports team.  All players assume the risk and responsibility for injury.  The team assumes no liability or responsibility for any player in any way.  Typically everyone plays with this understanding at this level.

What is the age range at this level?


The age range at this level can vary anywhere from 18 years old minimum to 50 years old.  Most players are in their mid to late 20’s with a good amount of players in their 30’s.  It is recommended, but not required, that players in the 18-21 year age group play for a junior team that focuses on young players looking to develop and attend college while playing sports.  We can direct those players to junior teams if they contact us and need assistance.

Where do I get football equipment?


There are more places to get adult tackle football equipment now than ever before.  There are many online stores as well as brick and mortar sport shops that sell adult football equipment.  If you are unsure about sizes, brick and mortar shops are recommended, but they don't always have the largest selection.  Online stores typically have more selections but you really have to know what you want and your sizes.  Check the Related Links section of the website for some links to football equipment stores.  We have no affiliation with these stores.



How do I get started?


If you are interested, please go to our contact page and fill out the form.  If you want to add any other information, please use the comments box.  We will return your email as soon as possible.



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