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New York Legion Loses one of their Own

On June 20, 2014, Nicholas C. Capone passed away. He was 22 years old.

Known on the team as Nicky, he was a favorite on the team as he was friendly with everyone. The team was deeply shaken with the passing of Nicky and this tragedy would reverberate throughout the season.

Nicky Capone came to the very first meeting ever held by the New York Legion Football Club in December 2012. His cousin was on the team at the time and recommended that he join. Nicky played full back for the New York Legion as well as some defensive line and linebacker. Nicky worked hard in 2013 but missed significant time with some personal matters that he needed to address.

In 2014, Nicky came to camp with renewed purpose. His dedication in camp was excellent and the NY Legion looked like it had an embarrassment of riches with the full back position. Nicky had enrolled into college and all arrows pointed to future success for Nicky.

The New York Legion football team will always remember Nicky and we miss him dearly.

Rest In Peace #32, Nicholas C. Capone.

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