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New York Legion 2014 Season Summary

The season started with 2013 starters QB, Greg Mimnaugh, RT Babatunde Cole, and MLB Bryan Wolf not able to play for 2013. QB CiCi Chilleli received many of the snaps in camp but sustained a throwing shoulder injury in the second quarter of game 2 causing him to miss 5 games. Adding to the list of season ending injuries were Nico Alix, Dante Mann, Drew McGee, Preston George, Dwayne Martin, and Christian Dunnigan.

With an opening day victory over the Hudson Valley Cowboys, it appeared that the team would be able to move forward, but the loss of QB, CiCi Chilleli in the first quarter would start the downward trend of the team. The team would go on to lose the next 6 games. Upon CiCi Chilleli's return to QB, the team would beat the NY Rebels 12-7 in Long Island with a short handed team. The NY Legion would finish the season with a disappointing 2-8 record. With all of the injuries and the need to play 5 quarterbacks in one season, the team made no complaints and played each game to the best of their ability.

There were some bright spots to the 2014 season: David A. Thomas, George Tigre, David Ramirez and Conja Nathan joined the team after the start of the season and showed a lot of potential. David A. Thomas provided a much needed spark on the offense and return game. George Tigre, David Ramirez, and Conja Nathan started to work well together on the offensive line during the last 2 games of the year.

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